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toki! mi jan Ewan. lipu mi li evan.d2evs.net

@ecs ^^

imgtobraille renders images to the terminal as braille characters in full color.

social.d2evs.net now has sitelen pona emojis, using the linja suwi character set! tenponilakulupunilijoesitelenpisitelenpona

I got access to the gpt-3 closed beta!

aaaaay new president

LineageOs install was even easyer than expected :)

@sir if this data is so dangerous, the car companys shouldn't have it.

rest in pieces flash, and may javascript soon follow

@sir farewell o/

@wolf480pl @replikvlt agreed, and it's not like the "free" product isn't masively outweight by the cost of making the review.

huh, not sure how I didn't catch that.

why does everyone think that zoom OOM is the only software of it’s class, or that it’s impossible to change to something else. this one piece of software has been the worst thing about my lockdown expierience.

vis now

fuck the RIAA (hot take, I know)

@sir @schlink the difference being?


@sir why are bad blacksmiths the best at starting shell scripts? Because they are used to pound, bang, slash, bin

3d printing a keyboard for @ecs
Tusky_1601060646693_WSWGHK442M.jpg Tusky_1601060652657_GM4F0H46FU.jpg Tusky_1601060661306_XSC69FHHJO.jpg

@sir you mentioned blockchain. Checkmate athiests!